Yesterday I saw a dream.

I was a candle
roughly the size of your palm
in a room with an early moon.


giving off all my light
melting one drop at a time.

And you were there too, collecting all my parts as they fell.


Alone on the top

I climb the stairs one by one
Losing my people as I come
Closer to the top
Don’t know what have I become
Is it alright?

At night I look out of my window to see
A peaceful street ever-so-lonely
Much less than my life I bet
Tricked by dreams and debts.

The streetlight suddenly shimmers and I look again outside
A few people just passed by, out of my sight
It’s about to rain and before the night starts getting wet
I quickly grab my phone and switch on the internet.

I position the camera to capture the sky
But since too tired and sick of posting stuff online
So I just capture it and print it and write this story on it’s behind

That when I leave it and someone gets it,
They have my words on their mind.
On their lips, in their hearts|
A little moment I’ll define.
This moment of theirs particularly to me I’ll confine.

I’ll tell them it’s okay to be alone
Well at least for sometime
And that life is huge and people affluent
Surely some good company you’ll find!

Don’t just adjust for anything just cause everything else seems undefined
Define it,
Give it words
Style It
Call the birds
Tell them to tell the world
At the break of dawn
About it.

That’s about it. I guess I am done for tonight.

One moment we burst, like never before

and collide through our skins,

Our words are hot, bodies cold,

and anger takes on a ten fold.


Then it rains,

and we drop our temperatures from the seventh floor

We integrate.

You break into drops and fall into me

I turn into Upsalite,

accepting all of you in.


Now we have our days,

cohesive, tight, fitting right into each other

believing death is our only bitch

that can throw us apart.


We reside on the seventh cloud

with passion in the wind

riding through our sins

passing out every night, just to wake up all anew.


But then we burst again, like never before

colliding through our skin

hotter words, colder bodies

riding through our sins.


So we let go and fall back to the Start

With number one we begin again

Levels of doucheness

Margins of pain


But hey! Darling, I don’t care

of the number of cycles we repeat through,

for as long as you are standing at the Start with me

I am always ready to begin anew.