Alone on the top

I climb the stairs one by one
Losing my people as I come
Closer to the top
Don’t know what have I become
Is it alright?

At night I look out of my window to see
A peaceful street ever-so-lonely
Much less than my life I bet
Tricked by dreams and debts.

The streetlight suddenly shimmers and I look again outside
A few people just passed by, out of my sight
It’s about to rain and before the night starts getting wet
I quickly grab my phone and switch on the internet.

I position the camera to capture the sky
But since too tired and sick of posting stuff online
So I just capture it and print it and write this story on it’s behind

That when I leave it and someone gets it,
They have my words on their mind.
On their lips, in their hearts|
A little moment I’ll define.
This moment of theirs particularly to me I’ll confine.

I’ll tell them it’s okay to be alone
Well at least for sometime
And that life is huge and people affluent
Surely some good company you’ll find!

Don’t just adjust for anything just cause everything else seems undefined
Define it,
Give it words
Style It
Call the birds
Tell them to tell the world
At the break of dawn
About it.

That’s about it. I guess I am done for tonight.


These Carriages

I am standing out, waiting for a carriage
To take me from here to that place away
I am waiting right at its spot, per diem, around 6
Cause it wouldn’t pick me up mid-way.

Now and again I get late and the carriage I miss!
I feel unhappy and distressed.
Occasionally I have friends who offer me a ride
And I am pleased to accept!

But until this time never had I,
Sat down and pondered
As to why do I link my happiness to these carriages?
Who are not mine, who don’t have a mind?

So how can I blame them if someday they don’t show up?
If they don’t wait for me
If they refuse to carry me
Cause they might have offered my spot to a different person

If they abandon me cause I no more make their carriage look pretty
If they can’t understand the simple fact, that if a person makes an effort to be around you,
You’ve got to reciprocate too.

But then again, these carriages
They are not mine and they don’t have a mind
So how can I blame them to not understand?
These facts, and demand
Something in return

Cause dude, at the end they are just carriages who carry us and let us link ourselves to them
When they are empty and we are beautiful
Otherwise, these carriages, oops, these people, are a completely different story…







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यें हसीन तारें

आज तो लिखना ही था मुझे
तारें तो कबके ज़मी पर आ चुके थे
पर खुली आँखों से भी ना देख सकी थी उनको
अजीब सी रौशनी थी उनकी
समझ ना थी उस वक्त जिसकी।

पर जब पलको को झपकने से दो पल की छुट्टी दी
तो उस हलके अंधेरे ने आकर धी–रे से बताया
की वो रौशनी तो मन की है
और ये वाली जो है वो इन खुली आँखों को कुछ कम दिखाई देती है।

बस फिर!
ढेड़ गुंठ्ठे के घर मे उस रोज़ से शाम को बिना दिया-बत्ती के ही उजाला होने लगा।
या खुदा!

इतने सारे तारे मेरी ही ज़मीन पर थे और मैं आसमान में अनजानों को गिनती रही!