Alone on the top

I climb the stairs one by one
Losing my people as I come
Closer to the top
Don’t know what have I become
Is it alright?

At night I look out of my window to see
A peaceful street ever-so-lonely
Much less than my life I bet
Tricked by dreams and debts.

The streetlight suddenly shimmers and I look again outside
A few people just passed by, out of my sight
It’s about to rain and before the night starts getting wet
I quickly grab my phone and switch on the internet.

I position the camera to capture the sky
But since too tired and sick of posting stuff online
So I just capture it and print it and write this story on it’s behind

That when I leave it and someone gets it,
They have my words on their mind.
On their lips, in their hearts|
A little moment I’ll define.
This moment of theirs particularly to me I’ll confine.

I’ll tell them it’s okay to be alone
Well at least for sometime
And that life is huge and people affluent
Surely some good company you’ll find!

Don’t just adjust for anything just cause everything else seems undefined
Define it,
Give it words
Style It
Call the birds
Tell them to tell the world
At the break of dawn
About it.

That’s about it. I guess I am done for tonight.


And we relate ourselves to the animals again!

From a CAT to being a LION

We were all sitting in the living room watching the T.V and suddenly the power went off and the room was dark. We started talking to each other about various issues and each one linked itself to another. Five minutes passed. Then suddenly we came to this hot discussion about career, to be more specific, my career. Mom and Dad almost set up an entire live session as if interviewing me about my choices and desires for future. I couldn’t find words. But it was not like I had nothing in mind. I had few ideas. I had decided that after completing graduation, I would go for and since in India, government colleges are affordable and best for this course, I decided to prepare myself for GATE (graduate aptitude test in engineering). But meanwhile I also had a desire to do MBA. Again I preferred the government colleges for this course and thought of preparing for the CAT (common admission test). But I had also heard about those very famous lines saying, “sail only one  boat at a time or you could sink “and definitely sinking was not something a person would “plan” and choose for himself. So I started thinking about the various websites I surfed on this topic and people said that MBA may bring me more money than M.TECH might bring. Money brings power. But I know money is not everything. Happiness, Love, Health, without all these life is meaningless. And in those few moments sitting in the living room, thinking all this to myself, I decided to be powerful (being more specific, I decided to be powerful along with being happy). I decided to be a LION. But in those moments I realized that “I cannot become a lion overnight! And so I spitted out absently,”Today I am going to be a Cat and then gradually I will be the king of the jungle!”  Everyone was silent. They were expecting an explanation for my sudden, strange reaction. I gave it to them.

I have decided to do MBA and I will take the CAT exam” I said.


I am a college student doing engineering and obviously like other upcoming, fresh engineers, my parents are more worried than me about my after-college-life. But I appreciate them for letting me take this decision for myself. I am happy that they have allowed me to choose which course i would like to pursue after college, or may be, if its a job I am going to take up, they said it is fine. All they want for me, is to take up something that i can accomplish, something that is in my reach and not to spend this important part of my life, dreaming of illusions.

so do you prefer to be a lion? 😉 hope you liked it! wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂