dear you

Dear You,

I was wondering maybe one day we meet again

And you come out of your way and say hello

I will obviously be lost in your eyes, I know, I will

So it’s gotta be you who’s got to break the ice

Talk about anything! Say the weather?

Or about how bright the moon was to shine in some time

Cause’ my Sun was, no wait, has always been you and for some reasons I have been living in the dark since a while

I will start to cry, so sure I will

But then I know we will be in public and you might have brought a company

So I will negotiate it for a lump in my throat

Will we stop by the stationery and get a pen?

Maybe we can Share our numbers again

Just to wash them off our palms in the rain

Or maybe the sweat? Well yea I would be too nervous to explain

I will go home and type your name in the search bar, stalk you down

I have got children of my own but then God! We are once again in the same town!

I still miss you! I hope it’s not a sin right now

I know, the man whom I kissed at the church will forgive me somehow

He has been giving me all his love without a single demand

But I had already poured all of mine into this person with my number on his hand

I will obviously ask you to come over, if only I have the strength

I could introduce you to my baby son and my daughter, she is ten!

They don’t look like you, God I wish they could!

If only that day we had talked that shit out, maybe they would

It’s a small town, my home will be somewhere around the corner, I am sure

But then what if you are busy like always

What if you have plans of your own

My hands will tremble when to say goodbye, I know

So maybe I will just close my eyes and you can run?

Please run away.

I will count till ten and then believe that what I saw was just a dream

I will pick my stuff and go home to let out that lump

You will have gone by that time and I will go to bed taking my sleeping pills

Try to sleep with your number half-written, half erased by the sweat dripping down my fingertips

It doesn’t even matter

I memorized it as soon as it flew out from your lips.

But since all of it comes down to be just a dream, I will pray to God that I see one like this again

And again, for the rest of my life.




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