My Strawberry

You really loved strawberry and then with time you headed south and then that fresh strawberry wasn’t available there, so you stopped thinking about it.

And then you come for vacation, back to north and ate your favorite apple. But obviously apple isn’t strawberry. It is pink and has its own juicy-musy.

Later you a get card, which holds the invitation to a marriage. You think it would be uncomfortable there as you didn’t have any company so you decide to bunk it.

Next day you get to see the video album with the clips and pictures of the marriage, and guess what.

HAHAHA- there was pineapple and lichi and dragon fruit AND Strawberry!

You never had imagined that fresh strawberry would be there too. Everyone got to eat its custard and drink that tasty shake which was supposed to be drunk by you, all of it, because it was your favorite, not theirs.

And looking at that fresh strawberry at a marriage function, in winter would have been one of the most amazing things. But then you couldn’t, because you didn’t go there.

You missed it.

p.s- few things are kinda shitty and remorseful, never mind.

Yeah you know that you didn’t get to taste it, but still you would say that Strawberries aren’t sour.

Its fine you might get to taste them may be at some other marriage function. May be when you are so old that your teeth can’t bite them and when your eyes are protected by those thick glasses and who even wants to see a strawberry from behind the glass. Well, well.

Happy winters!


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