I was running out of words

As I have run out of feelings

There are cuts, burns

But they never make me cry

There are people, scary

But I never speak in shriek

My voice is firm since a while

I don’t care what people say

There are going to say anyway

So I let them.

I think we all are waters

Some boil underground

Some are frozen over hills.

But I am the one who comes in your tap

Since the one who is running is only me.

I have lost a few and I don’t want to get them back

Since, I feel I lost them for good

Or may be that they left me for good

Their own good

Maybe they are better off without me

Because I am the one who comes in your tap, not them

Some use me, some save me, some throw me away

But I am always running

I don’t know from what, or whom

I don’t know when God has planned to turn off the tap

Or if He has plans to give me another direction

But today

I have got to run

Because that’s the only thing I know.


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