“hahaha look at him there is a fountain over his head” ;)


Coming from Varanasi which is situated in the northern part of India, I landed up in Chennai for pursuing my college.

This big city belongs to the southern part of India. Receiving a huge amount of solar radiation throughout the year, this city is always hot. But the breeze coordinations are great here, with the sea breeze cooling the city after around six in the evening.

But sometimes, the city surprises its inhabitants with showers.

Rainfall at its maximum, last time it rained like that and the city was flooded! This time the forecast was for a smaller amount of rainfall as compared to the previous time. We took it lightly.

My mom, my sister and me went for shopping to a place about 30 kilometers from home. That place is worth the travel and above all, the people there speak our language, eat the kind of food we eat and wear the kind of clothes we do. In the main city, people speak in their regional language, which is Tamil, whereas, we in the north speak in Hindi. But this place called Saukarpet has everything of our taste.

It was already 7:30p.m and we still hadn’t took a bus home. The sky had turned dark and night was fast descending.

Mum- “lets take an auto and go home, lets not wait for the bus.”

Me- “no it’s going to charge a big sum it’s better we take the public transport.”

No one said anything in opposition. We sat in the bus numbered 20B, which travels straight to our house.


In Chennai the buses have four rows, two on the left and two on the right. The left ones are reserved for women and the right one for men. But actually the right ones can be occupied by anyone but the left ones are exclusively for women. So if there are 4 guys standing without a seat and there is a place to sit in the left row, mostly they will keep on standing.

We three got on the bus, it was yet to start. After my mum sat down, the left rows were all occupied so I and my sister took two seats on the right side of the bus.

After two stops, an uncle came from the last row and asked if we both could move to his seat. My sister immediately said no because she never liked the last row and so did I!

sister- “it’ s very hot, there is no air at the back! i am sorry!” 

That uncle went back to his seat.

After a few minutes, it began to rain. Everyone started shutting their windows. We didn’t shut because that’s what we had told that man, that we needed air!

Later when the raindrops started falling more fiercely and even we had to pull down the glasses.

Suddenly the roof started leaking on the man sitting in front of me! Last time I had seen, he was happily passing his time playing games on his phone, but now he couldn’t use his phone too!

my sister – “hahaha look at him there is a fountain over his head” 😉

me- “it’s wrong, we shouldn’t make fun of him!”

But looking at her face and how playful she found the situation, I started laughing too!

AND the next thing I felt was, a fountain over my head!

It started leaking on my side too. The water would take turns. When it leaked on the front seat, I was safe. But suddenly it would shift its course to me and that man would relax for a while.

The bus was full even with no place to stand. I called my mum and told her that it was raining on my seat at the back. Three rows of people who were standing between the left and the right rows blocked our contact and she kept asking me to take my sister and go to her seat.

Every now and then we would sneak a peek at that man who wanted to exchange seats with us! How happy he must be now seeing us suffer!

My right leg was completely wet and now there was a new fountain showering on my shoulders and my back!

Suddenly it started leaking in the middle too and my sister also started get wet. Seeing two small girls suffer, a man gave us a plastic bag and we started collecting water in that.

My sister and I shared a laugh when she said,” never had I done water harvesting so seriously! this is epic! i should be rewarded for saving the rain water by the government who buid these buses!”

Oh she never liked travelling by buses. We move the plastic bag all around, sometimes to my right, sometimes to my back and the other times to my left. We would move it and we would laugh so much! 😀

At a point it was unbearable and we saw a chance and went to our mother.

me- “let’s get down on the next stop and take an auto. I can’t take it anymore!”

Next moment we were in an auto. The sky was darker now with the roads filled with water. We reached home in about 25 minutes and told the whole story to our mother and grandparents! Everyone laughed, including us!

If only we had exchanged our seat with that man, this post wouldn’t be here on my wall. 🙂

Everything happens for a reason! Life is full of experiences, all we need to do is, laugh it all out! : D


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