They asked me,”what are happy days?” I said,”Today seems like one!”

I can’t confine happiness in a box and then give that box a name. I don’t know how to define happiness. But I feel that today is a happy day. So may be I can name happiness as “today”?

Yesterday appeared a small plant for my ‘happy’ tree that grew big today. No doubt the roots emerged in the dark a while ago when I unknowingly watered and fed it with nutritions.

My friend Fin suddenly started to hymn a song, ” la la la la… nikita..I actually wanted to dedicate this song to you!”


these few lines “…..” they remind me of You… I feel connected…”

Yesterday I picked up that already-trashed song again and heard it a few times but it seemed a lot different. One direction was directly singing for me this time! Thanks to the lyric video on the Youtube. Playing those few lines again and again. Only those few lines. I don’t know if it was sane but it was making me smile and I wanted that smile. I wanted it.

Playing it on repeat in my head  for a thousand times and counting,I swear with every next time it feels a lot fresher. A lot newer, a lot better. I didn’t know that few things, few obvious things which when stated so plainly could make one so much happy. Few credits, few dedications. I don’t know if it’s a special post but it’s definitely a special day and I wrote it so I can remind myself someday in the future that all this was Real! That whatever happens, nobody can drag me down!

So quickly brushing up the facts, the happy tree didn’t grow overnight. I had to work hard for it and feed it continuously with my life. And what I learned is, it doesn’t matter how cold things are, the Sun is always going to shine and warm us up again!

Lets work hard for the things that matter to us!

  Lets fight for the things we wish for!

  We have got just one life!

Let’s live and not just survive!

Let us all be poets and never be ashamed of what we feel

It’s just one life we have got, so better we keep it real.

Let us all follow our dreams irrespective of what ‘they’ say, they are gonna say anyhow

Let us accomplish our ever seen dreams, let us actually live and not pass our lives somehow!

Because it’s just one life in our hand

Let’s not compromise it, let’s make it big! Let’s expand!

(I know I know it’s too random but I really wished to write a poem today and I have to rush a bit right now because I have a lot of jobs to finish before I go to sleep so I don’t have much time today  and I am not proof reading it! ( Promise for a good one next time! : D) My results were published in the afternoon which came out pretty good hence adding a little more breadth to my smile today. : )

#February ❤ 🙂


10 thoughts on “They asked me,”what are happy days?” I said,”Today seems like one!”

  1. arunabhdkonwar says:

    I don’t know you or have had read you before but somehow the poem or song or whatever brilliance it was, it sure did resonate and resonated well, I must say, and I think therein lies your strength I feel. Keep writing and keep amusing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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