possessiveness of the heart looses control by the time it reaches the throat

and the tongue has its own desire to be sweet.

the lips desire to understand them and hence close and open accordingly.


no one is hurt but me.


the mind is generous enough to forgive me for sacrificing myself.

and hence the story goes on.

They often bring tears to my eyes because I have showed them the way to my heart

which is little too weak or little too strong

because my people, they go away and I bid them goodbye

with the same warm hands that want to hold their’s forever.

And these people,

they have been my sisters-for-a-while

But how foolishly I overlooked the fact,

that “for-a-while-sisters” have a life of their own too.

how could I miss it?

That these for-a-while-sisters are for-a-while-sisters to many.


12 thoughts on ““for-a-while-sisters”

  1. rohitbuz says:

    For u were blessed with someone,
    And she read your heart like a mother..
    Be the best bud u always needed..
    Understood you before your “important thing to tell” ,
    Life’s greatest fear is to loose her..
    But life’s greatest treasure to see her smile and be what she wants.
    That’s hard to do but makes you feel so much better..
    Trust me I am going through it..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. None Other Then Hannah says:

    ah yes the social bends and twists of life I have high functioning autism and miss the body language which is probably why I don’t have but a few ‘sisters’ but they are connected to me through the church and are deep friendships dose not look like I’m missing much

    Liked by 1 person

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