I wondered whom would I share it with and I thought, Everyone.

So this is a simple story about the sound of the coins.

Today all students of third year Electronics and Communication Engineering were invited to attend a small meeting at college regarding placements. Well that was informative but terrorizing. They want to prepare us before hand for the coming future and so they were telling us about the various aspects of a job interview and because it was my first check with the reality, I got scared.

After the meeting, I and my friends took an auto to home. I still haven’t completely grasped the local language of this city, which is Tamil  (and the locals mostly don’t know English, so that option is crossed out). But I know 5-10% of the language which includes the sentence that would surely convince the driver to stop by my place. I have made a point of learning the few necessary words which would save me when I am travelling alone. I humbly said,

“Anna kovil kittey stop” (meaning = big brother, stop by the temple)

I came out of the auto and handed him thirty bucks which I had kept ready in my hands. BY MISTAKE, one coin fell down near his leg, while the others landed perfectly on his palm. Innocently, I told him about the coin which fell down thinking he missed to notice it. And he didn’t look down at all. In return, he looked at me. He looked and looked at me and for few seconds didn’t speak a word, when my mind raced to different hilltops of strange possibilities and for a second I thought may be he got paralyzed! I was scared for him! I kept telling him, “anna five rupees” and was pointing my fingers towards his legs, when finally he spoke.

Though I couldn’t make out of all that he said, but I surely marked few keywords.




Now that was a surprise.

Here I was, worried about him and there he goes, shouting at me for a small mistake. And of course I wouldn’t throw money. My mom and dad earn it with a lot of hard work and I respect it as much as I respect food! I forgot all about Tamil and told him kindly in English,

it fell down by mistake.”

Of course he wasn’t convinced with the explanation and said few more words in Tamil which I cared less about and then threw those coins in a box. He threw them so hard, that I could hear them make a loud sound.

Coins don’t speak but they spoke to me today. They spoke to me about that man, the driver. They spoke all about him. Of his manners, his behavior, his personality. That sound spoke of his unhappiness and frustration.

I was so polite with him and there he was, shouting at me. I was about to enter into the angry zone too, when I thought that he might have had a bad day and so I let it go.

But I surely made a point to myself, be humble. No matter WHAT EVER is going on inside of you, no matter what others offer you with, be it anger or love, you be Kind in return. Let ANYONE be hard, you be soft. That is what I want for myself.

Walking towards my house, I wondered whom would I share it with and I thought, Everyone.



13 thoughts on “I wondered whom would I share it with and I thought, Everyone.

  1. janebasilblog says:

    I have met several angry bus drivers in my time, and refused to rise to their anger, always smiling as if I have not been insulted. Without fail, they have all changed their attitude towards me, and become friendly, though sometimes it has taken weeks. I think driving a bus must be an unhappy occupation. People are often unpleasant to bus drivers, so in the end they become paranoid, and are rude to passengers, because they expect to receive abuse.

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    • nikitapandya says:

      Yes, I agree. We don’t know what they might be going through. Its so good to see that there are so many people who dig a little deep for reasons and smile rather than being angry. I will make it a point too! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. SkullWarlock says:

    I think I will share some of my experiences too here if that’s not a problem 🙂
    The incidents I am about to narrate took place on January 23th 2016.
    It was night time and I was returning home from a function in a metro.
    It was a long journey and when I had boarded the coach it was quite empty and I got a seat.
    After a while at one station a lot of people came in the coach and I offered this young man my seat although he didn’t require it and denied it politely so I kept on sitting.
    After a little while I saw that people were looking at a certain direction and I removed my earphones only to hear the voice of an old man shouting at a young man (In his 20s probably.) for not giving up his seat.Although the seat was reserved for the old and elderly the youngster didn’t give his seat and argued with the man(And there were some other empty seats too so any of them could have smartly taken a decision and avoided the fight) but in the end the old man got the seat.
    After 1 or 2 stations I got up willingly to give a seat to a young man maybe because I just didn’t feel like sitting and then at the same station a man in his 30s entered the coach scolding another man for breaking the line and not having patience.
    I had lost a bit of faith in humanity and was still listening to songs.
    At that moment I saw this middle class man standing right next to me also listening to songs and as I was banging my head in rhythm he was doing it too and at first I thought he hadn’t noticed me but he was sort of imitating me and that made me smile 😛
    After 1-2 more stations I looked at him again and he looked right back at me smiling.
    His station was nearing and when he was about to get off the coach he looked at me and smiled again and then he had vanished into the crowd like a common man.
    No, he wasn’t rich and he wasn’t well dressed but the one thing that I liked about that man was that at least he had the power to make someone else smile.
    I believe we shouldn’t underestimate the power of such small experiences.
    These kind of experiences are the ones that can completely change our mindsets and make us better men/women for tomorrow.

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    • nikitapandya says:

      you are always welcome to share anything with me! And that is completely true…we shpuldn’t underestimate the power of such small experiences!
      and i see humanity still exists, when you give your seat to young poeple 😀
      bless u. 🙂

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