the creature in my room

I was having my evening nap, well I can have naps at anytime, they are always refreshing. I was sleeping in the living room on the floor, with the sofa and the tables around me. I woke up and saw that it was seven in the evening. The room was dark and it was raining outside. Rubbing my eyes I stood up and found my way to the balcony, opened the door and welcomed the cold wind inside. Little did I know that with the wind I had also welcomed someone else.

A Lizard!

She came in without, wait, why she? It! It came in without knocking, of course I had opened the door for it to come inside. I didn’t realize it and was making my way back to my bed laid on the floor to be lazy for another few minutes.

And then I saw it on the floor! It was moving fast, crossing my bed, making its way towards the dark room under the sofa. I jumped on another sofa. Floor was not safe for me anymore. I am scared of them! Very scared! Before that I thought of pushing my sofa a little in front so that it wouldn’t have any contact with the wall, in case the lizard tried to climb up. In doing that I mistakenly pushed something with my legs on the floor. Thinking it was the lizard I shouted so loud that my grand mother came to check out on me from her room. Terrified beyond words I was about to vomit my heart out, it almost came till my mouth!

It was just a water bottle.

I told her to check the house for lizards and she went to the kitchen where she found one.

“nikita come and see if this is the one you saw in the hall”

Com’on dude, how can I recognize it now? They all look the same!

I think you can’t sleep on the ground now, where will you sleep tonight?”

I wont sleep, I will sit on the sofa for the whole night.

I think it’s the same lizard, I haveย shooed it out from the kitchen’s balcony.ย Relax. It’s gone.”

Yeah, okay.

So I am on my bed again, on the floor (since the room is not free) and trying to find some sleep. Hope it doesn’t returns!

Safe night dude!

take care!



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