My White Blanket, my books and Me :D

So I am sitting here inside my blanket, man it’s so cold I feel like wrapping it all around me just like I had done sometime before but thought better of it. Specially these ‘white’ blankets I tell you! They are like magnets, very attractive ones, pulling you to themselves if you got them in anywhere in your sight!

And with blankets automatically comes the urge to have someone deliver you beverages, like tea or may be in my case milk or some coffee. But of course it’s not a movie scene here and I am yet not that filthy rich to afford any man-servants so I will just lie down here and be lazy.

am sitting with my cell phone in my hand instead of books even though tomorrow is supposed to be my exam but due to heavy, heavy rainfall Whatsapp groups are trying to convince me to keep the books aside and to enjoy the weather. They say tomorrow is gonna be a holiday!

I wonder when they would re-schedule today’s exam. My college is also in a bad condition right now, I mean it’s full with water and I guess there are rivers flowing out of its classrooms so yeah idk if I should feel ptiy for them or myself, cause if they postpone exams I will have to cancel my tickets to home.

I am a few thousand miles away from home and before even these exams start, I am wishing they end when I will be getting into a flight to my home and also I am dreaming about getting into a thicker white blanket over there as its gonna be colder in December!

And the weather being so romantic, who even likes to study when its raining outside and specially when its so fast and hard that you can hear the drops with your windows closed. News says some cyclone hit my state and would hover around for two or three more days. I hope the people in the slum areas do not suffer. Though My own college has water logged in there! It’s nature’s will, hope for best.

OK so I should pick up my books now!

Bye! Happy rains! 🙂


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