Keep You, Just You.

Morning 9 am,

I woke up from my bed and I smelled Rain.

The Rain which smelled more like You

You were here and it was raining today, the heaviest of all Times

Times that I have had, until Now.

Now I stepped into my balcony and few drops fell over My feet

My feet, which reminded me of how I used fall over yours, Oh how I would beg you To Stay!

To Stay, to spare me few words from Your heart

Your heart, which is so beautiful that no words can Define

Define or confine, whatever! But You are The best

The best had the rain aimed at making afresh all the wounds from The past

The past which was morning had now transformed into a dark afternoon, and It was still raining

It was still raining when I wondered how did we come So far?

So far…I still remember when it was just yesterday with us fighting on never talking to each other Again.

Again today we start to talk, well today is a very different Scene.

Scene of the evening, I think it was around 6 when the drops had slowed their Pace

Pace, just that! Because your thoughts in my mind are still on a Race

Race me and I will let you win, you don’t even have To Try

To try to keep the evening in my hold but I lost it to the night with The wind

The wind touched my cheeks and for a second it felt like You!

You now are making my words wet, not mentioning The eyes

The eyes, just them! Because My soul asks me, ” So Dry Am I?”

Am I a pluviophile or it’s just your love?

Love? Well then I believe I own A heart

A heart which listens to me, the only thing which does, I guess

I guess it is a beautiful thing I own

I own it and so it lets me keep in it whomever I wish to

And I wish to Keep you

Keep You, just you.


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