I knew you would be sixteen one day, but this soon? :-)

It’s her birthday today. She is to turn 16. “Sweet sixteen” as we call it, but its more than that. I always wanted to be by her side on this day, wish her all the happiness in her life, all the fun, bright future, lots of good luck and every good thing in this universe to fall in her arms.

When I was sixteen, I still remember how things were and how much I would have felt blessed if I had an elder sister. But I had none and she has one. Turn of events and here I am today thousands of miles away from her, and look! This hard time that has dawned upon me has driven me frustrated. Yesterday was a very hard day and I had returned home from the hospital after the long 12 hours, no bath, breakfast, lunch, nothing. I slept deep after coming back home and couldn’t wake up in time in the morning to wish her.

My mom is flying here to me today and I called just in time to wish her a safe journey. She passed the phone to my dad and when I asked her about my little heart he said, ” She not with me right now..she was sad..she was looking at the phone, expecting your call but you didn’t so she went to school.”

I knew she had school today, she had told me that it was her picnic and that they are being taken to “Sarnath”Β the birthplace of “Gautam Buddha”.Β Even when I was her age, our teachers would always take us to the same place maybe because it was easier to get permission from those authorities for a picnic there. It had a big garden where the children were left free to run and play. Along with it there was a small zoo with few animals and yea I still remember the Peacocks there, they were b’ful. There was a museum too. I don’t know how much of it has changed by now but one thing is constant. The place is full of peace and always full of tourists (may be from China or Japan I am not sure..they all look alike! ) and you can almost feel the drops of enlightenment falling over you.

All of her friends had planned on bringing some good dish from their homes but because my mum had to suddenly fly to Chennai, she was worried about not taking some good food with her. She is too young to understand these complicacies and she doesn’t even needs to. I felt bad when out of frustration I acted rude yesterday when she was so intently speaking about her picnic and her plans for her birthday. I should have known that she was excited and how could she even know which state I was in here, it was not like she is insensitive, she is just innocent!

So yea coming back to my sweet lil heart, I will let her enjoy the day and apologize when she gets back home, thanks to Sir Graham BellΒ for his amazing invention of the primal telephone! Keeps us connected over miles!

Happy birthday Buddy! C.h :-* πŸ™‚


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