is it because of that pearl? (am I kidding myself?) (but who knows!)

I have exams going since last week and sure as hell, they aren’t going on as expected. After every exam came a feeling, a very depressing feeling which I would put aside for the time being. But I am worried about this big jar, which is trying to speak to me for a while.

hey nik!                                                                    

since few days you have been stuffing your regret, unhappiness, sorrow, worries, pain and what not, in my depths and trying to stay cool. But now I might not take it anymore. What if I explode? Can you take it? “

That jar is probably my own heart.

3-4 years back, I would often submit my exam papers incomplete because of less time. I would leave something or the other and then lose my marks. Then came class 12th. My parents were worried and hence consulted one very enlightened soul asking him about me. He made calculations and said that my stars would be happier if I wore the three gems- the pearl, the yellow sapphire and the coral.

In no time my parents made me have all three of them on my body. Two on my fingers and one on my neck. The gem should be touching you in some way that’s what’s important.

When I first wore them, my friends at school would make fun of me for believing in these things. So after a week I took them out. My parents obviously didn’t like it. Class 12th passed.

“Nikita, we have spent a lot for getting the right ones prepared for you! At least wear them for our sake! ” 

What would I do? No I couldn’t do anything. In those days emotional blackmail would always get hold of me. I slid them back into my fingers.

Suddenly, I wouldn’t submit my papers incomplete. My grades got better. And since then I had never taken them out.  But recently, the pearl on my right hand’s little finger came out of its case and fell down! Thankfully I found it but couldn’t fit it back myself. So I kept it in my bag and haven’t been wearing it for a week. For “the” week.

I am afraid it’s the pearl.

(I might be kidding myself, but who knows? I haven’t studied the stars for sure, but still we can’t deny that they do exist! ” )

(p.s- I don’t want to mislead anyone, but I strongly believe that hard work pays. Tomorrow is my last exam. I have to design web pages. So I’ll study today better than before and then let’s hope for the best that I don’t need to use my jar tomorrow! )


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