the firetrucking haircut!

So yesterday, on that fine Saturday evening I broke my long seen dream of having long hair and went for a haircut. I will be very honest in saying this, that I knew that my area has these few amazing salons but I chose to go at some place, which wasn’t very well known. My aunt suggested me and accompanied me to that salon. As I entered, there was just a single woman, who knew just a single language (Tamil) which I didn’t know, and looked kinda weird. I told her that I wanted her to just trim my hair and not reduce the length too much.

She told me that there were three ladies altogether who worked in that shop, but the two were on leave, among which one had her delivery and was about give birth to a new life. Yeah, that is kinda nice. But then, my sole concern over there was my hair and its length. I wanted it to be perfect. I sat on that leather seat and she started operating. I had asked her to cut a deep “U”. for the first two minutes, I mean the total 120 seconds, she was spraying water on my hair. I thought, “is she mad? Why is she giving me a hair wash? I already did that at home! “ I was talking with my aunt in a language which she didn’t understand (Hindi). After that she started pulling my hair down. With it she pulled my head down too. I hadn’t took haircut since a while and I thought that maybe I had forgotten how it was to get one and told myself that it’s normal, that’s how they pull the hair and cut it afterwards. But my temper left its home and marched outwards when she said those firetrucking words, “I will pull your head downwards, but you should not move.”

I was like , “Really? Did she really say that?” When someone pulls your hair down and you resist it a lot, then the only consequence will be that your hair will be broken and fallen down in the hands of the puller. And I already have the precious count of them on my scalp which I treasured like a treasure. Can’t loose them! No No never!

But I kept quiet. She operated for the next thirty minutes. She reduced my length to half, there wasn’t any “U” shape seen. We told her to make it a “U” and she did a little more pulling downwards a little more cutting and at last it was like shit, I admit it, my hair had never looked more confused before. She had already reduced the length of the left side of my hair to half and the right side was still to be cut. I got scared and so did my aunt. At this point, we had to stop her and ask what she was doing and if she really knew how to give a haircut. That bitch, she said, “I am sorry I don’t know how to do haircut, the other two ladies who are on leave today are the ones qualified for it”. “I could kill her at that moment! “ That was it. We left at once.

Now with the right side of my head with long hair and the left side with a comparatively shorter length, actually half of the right length, (yeah I might have looked like a clown) I and my aunt left in search of another salon nearby. We walked for ten minutes. We found one. Entered, and told the girl in charge what exactly I wanted. She was from north-east of India and she knew Hindi. She looked very confident and in another four minutes, I was standing there in front of the mirror with my hair cut perfectly, curled at the end, and I thought to myself as to why didn’t I come here at once? Why did I had to go out of the norms and try something new and risky. And then they say that that’s how you gain experience, but why such scary ones, such horrible ones? Why did I risk with my hair? I didn’t know any of the answers and asked my mind to keep quiet. I walked back another ten minutes to home and called my mom who was miles away from me, and told her everything from the bad parlor, that bitch, how the length of my hair got reduced to half, how good the other parlor was, etc.

The moral of the story is that, there is actually no moral at all. Sometimes, you can’t do anything about few things. They just happen and you have to let the “time” to do the healing. (In my case, getting the same length of hair back again). But she was a bitch. She should have told at once that she didn’t know how to do the job! But never mind.


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