I read an amazing book but it almost firetrucked me up last night!

Yesterday night I completed a book which I was reading since some time and felt like writing a review on it. I wrote it and posted it on my blog. After a while, when I opened my eyes, there wasn’t any laptop near me and the lights were off (prolly my grandma had switched them off finding me asleep). I checked my blog and there wasn’t any post since two days. I didn’t know what had happened. “Was I drink? Did someone add drugs to my dinner? ” I had no clue.

The last thing I remember is that I was lying on my bed, was quite tired and had a pokey headache. The book was tragic and had firetrucked my mood completely. “What a firetrucking ending!”  I had thought to myself. So yeah, I stood up, took out my laptop from its bag, opened it and started writing. I wanted to warn other people that if they pick that book up to read, then its on their own risk! That the book might disturb them by its ending. And I started writing.

I had picked up the book called “The Great Gatsby” by “F. Scott Fitzgerald” while searching for the top 100 books of all times. I read the small review by an anonymous writer which said, “The ones who are reading this book for the second time, there is so much more to be discovered in it by you. For the ones reading it for the first time, I must say I’m jealous of you! ” 

I was like, “woah, is this book so good that the writer is going to be jealous of me?” And the next thing I found myself doing was downloading its e-book. I began reading it. First 10 pages, 20, 25, 30, 35. Gatsby had still not come (officially) in the story. Page 35, 43, 50, 60, 62. The review had said that it was a love story and the word “love” was still not introduced. I would mostly read the book in the bus, while coming back form college and after 10 pages would sleep with the phone in my hand and the screen still on (timer set as 5 minutes). I felt the book was boring because my head would start feeling heavy in just 10 pages and I would assume my friend’s shoulder (who would be sitting at my right) as my pillow. The language used was quite difficult and for understanding a single page I had to open up my dictionary at least thrice.I didn’t feel connected and thought of giving up on the book. “How much would it even matter! It’s just a book. It won’t come alive to question me as to why didn’t I complete it!”  But then I would wonder about that review and how much jealous the writer said he would feel of the ones who are reading it for the first time. I had to know what special it had in itself. So I kept on reading.And then one day, everything changed.

It was only on page 36, chapter 3 when the narrator met Mr. Jay Gatsby and after that moment I could not stop. The story had 9 chapters in total which revolved around the West Egg and the East Egg and New York and had my mind revolving around it. I read till half of the chapter four while on my way to college and din’t sleep this time. I read between the classes and could not stop. I told all my friends about how amazing the book was and almost recommended them to read it! It had engaged me and I was completely under its control. I read it on my way to home in the bus ( this time with my friend’s head getting heavy and falling on my shoulder). I read it through my computer class after college and didn’t feel guilty of not paying attention to what sir was teaching. I told my best friend that I would anyhow complete it today and then go home and watch its movie online! And I did. And when I did,I got a headache. It was bad. Love did win in a way and in a way got lost too. And the way it lost was more heartbreaking than the way it won in a part. So yeah, I connected myself so much to it that it did hurt me. And so I wanted to save the other people from the pain by warning them about the invisible cliff they would be pushed from by the author at the last.

The book is a confusion yet it makes everything very clear at the end. Love, Sacrifice, Faith, love, past, love, more love , present, love, and then death and more deaths and then betrayal and then love and realizations. These were the series of emotions it took me through. But yes, the part where it engaged me, it was unbelievable! It has been published in 1925 and the story is of 1922. They have even made it into a movie which is said to be just AMa-ZInG and I am yet to watch it. Read it on your risk. But yes, I must tell you life is all about taking risks and enjoying the rides!

That is where I competed my review and I posted it.

But when I woke up somewhere at 05:30 a.m this morning, there wasn’t any laptop near me. I opened my account and saw that last night there hadn’t been any posts at all. Now that its 12:26 and I am very much awake, I remember that last night the headache was quite strong and I had applied some strong liquid (balm) on my head after which I went to deep sleep. The whole writing-the-review-part was later continued in my dream! (until now, when I have actually turned a dream into reality! )

me, *takes a deep breath*

“ha ha… you do that a lot Nikita it’s not the first time” …


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