That’s why she writes for them

I was going through the freshly pressed blogs on WordPress and randomly opened one. Reading the post, I saw this one particular blogger making a comment which I could relate to, and felt like writing about it. The blogger said that he kept his blogs private because his friends and family ( a few of them, not all (i suppose) ) didn’t care much about what he writes and he felt ignored and hurt. So let me tell you darling, you are not alone.

There is this girl and often people ask her that why does she writes? Is she keeping a secret? If yes, then from whom?

The answer is-

YES, she is keeping many secrets from many people around her. One of it being “whom does she writes for?”.


There are these “few people” for whom she writes

And surprisingly that “particular lot” belongs to the “I-don’t-like-to-read” race

who enjoy everything but reading.

Unlike expected, this strange attitude from her so called “i am writing for – people” doesn’t dull her sparkles but en kindles in her, a never extinguishing flame.

In spite of demotivating her with their ignorance, these people inspire her to write more and more. With every passing day they unwittingly help her to push herself at times when no one cares and to continue with life without falling down. That’s how they give her support to stand when the ground is trembling without even giving her a hand to hold. Ultimately, it’s what they do to her which empowers her mind. At times they enervate her and the other times help her revive. (life is supposed to have all the colors and she excepted them as a part of her spectrum)

and that’s why she writes for them.




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