Let’s be Sisters again, just for the day.

I have told her before, that I love her, as a Sister.

She gave me no other options but to love her and now I miss her.

If I had other options, even then I would choose her.

My mind, my heart, my subconscious self can’t refuse her.

She’s short but is standing tall in my mindspace,

Making memories which neither of us can erase.

We have fallen half the way and its just a half that remains

But what about our matching nails? And the size of our finger which is just the same!?

I can’t see any hope but my eyes are still finding one,

She says, “let’s sort things out” and soon I’ll be defining one.

There is thirst and there is water but we don’t wanna drink

There is pain and burn in the eyes but we don’t wanna blink

I wanna speak her all my mind but I know I am gonna fail

Once Our love was red as blood and now its growing pale.

The keyboard has its keys but we can’t press the ‘L’

And ‘O’ , ‘V’, ‘E’ are lost to a place that we cannot tell.

I know you are reading this now and I just wanna say

That let’s be Sisters again, just for the day.


p.s – if you want someone to be in your life, you have to make an effort for it. Because after a time everyone leaves and moves on, but if we love them enough we can always give them a reason to stay!

this is one half of the post, for the whole content please follow the link 🙂



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