“She asked me to make all those guys stand in a line and then ask Nikita to laugh!”

My celIphone said it was  6:58 in the morning and I was on my way to college. I had boarded my bus and had said “Hi” to both of my bus mates. The seat is for three where I always sit in the middle. They both greeted me in return and then me and my friend sitting on my right began the conversation.

Suddenly she smirked. I asked her what was going on in her mind but she wasn’t willing to tell me. I asked what was it about and she said it was something related to me. Now it was impossible to let it go without knowing what it was so I began nagging her and finally she said,

“I and Lux (that’s how she calls her friend) were talking about you the other day and she was asking me if there were many guys who were hitting on you. I told her that yes there were a few and that you were tired of them and that you didn’t want them to follow you. I told her that you weren’t interested in any of them. She said she had a solution to this. She asked me to make all those guys stand in a line and then ask you to laugh!”

My friend was controlling her laughter and as soon as she saw me laughing she let it loose and joined me.

She didn’t had to give an explaination that how my laughing in front of those guys would help me get rid of them because I already knew the answer. I laugh like a monster, that’s what my friends tell me. When I laugh, they say my voice could cross the oceans. I remember one day I was inside a classroom and something happened due to which I began to laugh and shout. My friends standing outside told me that at that moment the birds sitting on the distant window grill flew away!

Before a while a friend asked me not to laugh(because he thought it was scary) and said my smile was more adorable. But this was less of a compliment.

Three years have passed since that guy had said that and a few days have passed since my friend told about the joke that the other girls were making about my laughter but neither of it affected me.

Now all I want to convey with this post is not that I have a very funny way to laugh or that my friends make fun of it but a very important message. Everyday people talk about good and bad things that they see in us. They ask us to change. They expect us to change. But it is us who have to make an intelligent choice about which changes we want to incorporate into us. Those which are necessary and for our good.  We have to ask ourselves if the change is going to make us happy or miserable. When they ask me not to laugh, or to laugh less fiercely, I tell myself that I don’t laugh for them. I laugh because my dad told me that laughing increasing our lifetime and that it increases the blood-making capacity of our body (though I am not sure if it actually does, but I decided to believe in it). I laugh because it releases the tensions and makes me stress free again. I can convert my laughter into a sweet smile to impress that guy but instead I would land up depressing myself.

Sometimes I laugh just for the people around me, my friends and my family. Because somewhere inside I know that they laugh each time they see me laugh (may be because they are making fun of me) but I don’t care as long as my laughter is silently contributing in increasing their body’s blood-making capacity! 😀

So laugh with me today!


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