The first gift to me was from my mom

She gave me birth after keeping me nine months in her womb!

The next gift was a baby t-shirt from my aunty

I also got a pair of baby-jeans by the hands of her daughter Shanti.

When I was three, i was gifted a School bag from my father

He said ,”dear boy now start working harder”.

When I turned six I got a cycle as a gift from my sweet grand ma

She said,”with it discover new places, whether near or far”.

Next year my uncle gifted me a new alarm clock

After that everyday I woke up in a shock!

As I turned twelve I got a Computer from my Masi with a message,

She said ,”explore its advantages and do its proper usage”.

Then I got a brand new bike from my lovely brother and sister

They said that now I had turned from a master to a Mister!

Latest I got a 10 lack check from my grand pa

He asked me to use it wisely and at that moment I said,”yeah!!”

But time flew and the money exhausted

Very soon I was left empty handed.

I wondered how different life could have been if with my resources I had been wise

Money and time, to be precise.

The only gift that I want for me is a job today

And I promise to all my people that I will work hard and improve my status till my next birthday!!


I took out this old poem of mine and posted it because its your birthday today! Looks like I am more excited than you are. And why won’t I be! You are twenty two now! (though I am just twenty but I am glad that you are elder than me 😀 ) Happy Birthday!! 🙂


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