HE SAID, “Nikita, I Like Your Originality”

Daily I find many amazing quotes and lines on facebook, insta, etc. These sites are full of it! They don’t even mention the writer of those lines, its just Anonymous.

Sometimes I feel like copying them on my blog and nobody may never even come to know that it didn’t come out of my pen.

BUT NO. You know why?

Because when I started blogging afresh, a friend , not a close one just a normal friend, told me that, “Nikita, I Like Your Originality” .

Well this wasn’t normal. It was my first time with compliments for something called “Blogging”. So I decided that now whatever I’ll write, it is going be from my heart (and my mind too ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

Because One Day I want toย be a writer. I want to write about life, about me, you, us. Things which are Simple but worth noticing. And I have heard a writer never copies! (he refers, he mentions, he points out facts and never forgets to give credit to the references)

So yeah, hope one day I actually write something good. Some phrases that ย everyone would read and would want to copy. But there will be this small difference, ย they won’t be from any anonymous. Those lines would come with a p.s, ” writtenย by Nikita Pandya“.


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