the two voices

The one good thing about today is that they let us home early!

I have tests going on in college and today was DSP (digital signal processing). It’s a nice subject. Since I am in the third year of engineering, I have many cool-sounding subject names (I said sounding, might not always appear the same as it sounds). The first test that I wrote was Mathematics. Then the next was Microprocessor (m.p) and Microcontrollers. Now this one is really important but my sir makes it boring enough that the classes pass just in talking or sleeping or just in probably in writing whatever he dictates. I thought I would do well in the test but naahh! I didn’t!

And then today I had DSP and after I convinced myself that I wrote the test decent enough, I was wondering about these subjects. I was wondering why I had to study so much for microprocessors and not even half of that for dsp?

I found out why. Because I loved it. I realized that I would sleep mostly in all classes of m.p but would be all ears in dsp.

I thought for another minute and I knew it. It was because m.p was mostly theory and no problem sums; it missed an important element called Mathematics! But DSP on the other hand was full of Mathematics, full of problems and their solutions and hardly any theory.

My mom says after engineering I should write a bank exam, because she believes that I am quite good at Mathematics. But it’s hard for me to deposit myself to the banks for the rest of my life. (Though it is hard but it is possible) One reason for it can be that I am working quite hard with the Science and then banks are a completely different field except that both require good aptitude qualities. Another can be the amount that I can earn maximum by working for banks. Speaking frankly, generally normal people go to a salary of 50 to 60k in banks. But is it enough in this world? Will it be enough for me to survive all by myself? I doubt that. Of course I can’t be sure of how much the multinational companies are going to pay me after I complete my engineering but at least I’ll be using things that I am learning at college.

The next exam I have is on Monday. The subject is communication and I might not know one single word in it by now. But I am going to learn communication. Because if I am not able to transfer things, feelings, thoughts or signals (if said scientifically) to others then the hell I am going to be able to receive signals to my brain from others? Or understand their feelings? Or relate to their thoughts? But in the midst of all this, there is this continuous quest going on in my mind, about what should I choose for myself? What is correct? What job should I go for? And the deadliest- What will I be happy doing?

Taking the previous example and comparing between dsp and m.p, studying the former is smooth whereas studying the latter is possible, buy seems difficult to me. With the same thought, if we choose the thing that we have our interest in, our life is going to be a child’s play! It’ll be easier, to work, to earn, to be happy, everything would fall into place. But it needs courage, intelligence and bravery to select the right things for us.


So at the end, there are two voices. What people want from you, and what you want from yourself.

Looks like our lives are indeed defined by the choices we make!


8 thoughts on “the two voices

  1. Elamparithi says:

    Looks like an engineering student who is nearing the cross-roads life, the 3rd year and the fourth year. As a student of ECE (four years ago) and now a senior engineer , I would say GO FOR WHATEVER you like. Money can be earned at any time in one’s life but the sense of satisfaction/happiness cannot be earned. If you are good at Math/ DSP go for something where u can apply things you have learned,be happy and be satisfied in life 🙂 🙂 .

    BTW this is the first time i see a person who loves DSP than MP 😎👍 and that photo of “heavy” DSP book by Ramesh babu(he works in my college) took me back to my college days 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • nikitapandya says:

      Thankyou so much!! 🙂
      Which company? And I too am from ECE.
      And yaa..its just a month after clg has started and dsp looks quite easier till now (than mp) and Ramesh Babu works in your college? If not too much, may I ask which clg you are from? (And i purposely clicked the book that way 😀 )


      • Elamparithi says:

        Thats too many questions in one comment! !

        1. I work in a Wireless communicatio n Semiconductor company. We work on next Generation wireless communication systems (Lte and beyond). Starting from signal analysis (your DSP :-P) to actual chip design in devices( Digital Electronics with communication concepts). Sooo core to ECE. Company name..huh.. for now its confidential!!

        2. Yes he (Ramesh Babu)does. I am from Pondicherry Engineering College 🙂 *proud Pondicherrian * 😉 .

        3. I guessed your department from the subjects 😀

        Just a month after college !! 😀 😀 its too early to say you are bored of Microprocessors 😛 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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