he suddenly made few signs as if asking her to cover her face, may be because he cared for her.

Because in my class 12th I choose to learn the very beautiful and melodious instrument called SITAR, I had to sacrifice the computer classes. We were allowed to choose only one out of them. Either computers or music. I choose the latter. Many students and not just me, made this choice. But I don’t know if they too are facing the problems which I am going through at present. While learning engineering at college, I realized that knowledge of computer languages is a must. I didn’t even know the starting alphabet of ‘C’. ‘C++’ was another milestone! It was hard to sit in those brush-up classes at college because most of my friends knew these languages and I would sit like a fool there. They even could do little programming in JAVA. Well that’s another milestone that I may not even drive towards. But because C and C++ seemed quite important, I joined a nearby institute which gave me classes three days a week. A month has passed and these once appearing- killer languages are not so alien to me now. I am familiar to them and even have learnt few programming rules and techniques.

Yesterday we had our practical session and ma’am let us home early. So my friend and I decided to go to this nearby café and we ordered some snacks. While my friend was paying the bill, I noticed two people sitting right behind us. The girl had a scarf on her neck, slightly covering her hair and was in jeans and t-shirt. The guy was lean and had a smile on his face while they were having their conversation. I was observing all this when I saw him showing some signs to her, through his hand. It took me just a second to notice that she had some cotton and band-aid on her right ear, the one facing on my side. I made out from it that she might have gone through an ear operation and was not able to hear things, may be until the dressing was removed and because she couldn’t hear, the guy was talking to her in sign language. I was wondering if they had learned to communicate through signs in just few days, or may be they have been talking like this forever, I didn’t know. Suddenly I understood what signs he made to her because the very next second she adjusted her scarf and covered her ear and her head too. And then she gradually tied it all over her face, letting only her eyes to breathe outside the cloth. I instantly took my eyes off them. I understood why he asked her to do that. May be because I was staring. May be because he thought I would make fun of her unusual ear. But considering the positive reasons, may be because he cared for the girl. Might have been his sister or may be someone else which I care less about. I decided to leave the café as my friend had already paid the bills, and so I pushed the door which had it written ”pull” over it, I guess for the hundredth time now, and then pulled it and made my way out of the place.

We do things at times which might disturb others, which we may not do intentionally but we just do. We can’t stop it from happening. It’s how human brain works. We see things and we have thoughts regarding it. We have almost 60 thousand different thoughts per day, and it’s almost uncontrollable (unless we go on Himalayas and meditate forever and control our thoughts). So the important thing here is, when we have realized that we do things unintentionally that may have disturbed others then we must also learn to accept that others when they appear to be disturbing to us,they might have done things unintentionally. Let’s not blame or judge them.

Let’s learn to accept few things without criticizing them! (even I myself learn few things after I write about them! Realizations I tell you!)

bye! 🙂


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