He Said He Will

For the time when the lights go off

And there is only darkness ahead,

He said He’ll build me a road

With a ray of light falling on each step.

When there is rain and there is storm

And there is just Water all around,

He said He’ll build me a ship

And that He won’t let me drown.

When there is hatred and criticism

And I can hear only noises all around,

He said He’ll sing me to sleep

With Silence as the only sound.

When there is hot and there is heat

And the air is oxygen deprived,

I asked if He would plant me a tree

He said that He’ll grow a whole forest by my side.

When there is doubt and distrust

And the truth is lost from my life

He said He’ll enlighten my soul,

He’ll join my broken pieces and make me a whole.

When there is hurt and there is pain

And the tears fall from the eyes,

He said He’ll move His hand through my forehead

And I’d go into dreams for the night.

When mistakes are too many to count

And the ‘self’ is too guilty to hide,

He said He’ll forgive me for my faults

And to the correct path, to me He will guide.

When I am tired and exhausted

And haven’t rested my head for a while,

He said He’ll take me to the terrace

And we would watch the starry sky.

When I’ve lost everything

And feel like giving up on life,

He said He’ll shine me a Sun

In the morning, when I could march on the beats of his fife.

He said He’ll carry me

When it becomes too difficult to hold everything on the inside,

Said He will love me so much

And will fill all the empty spaces in my life.


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