Monday is innocent! Let’s not blame it for ending our “week-end”

It’s my 20th post now and I was wondering what I should be writing about. It should be something special. But then I had nothing on my mind at that moment and I was thinking if I should be posting about the fight that I had with my friend or about the amazing time I spent with my family yesterday night, that beautiful dinner that re-energized my heart. Or should I post that little poem that I had written before a while? But then I realized that today is a Sunday and tomorrow is going to be a Monday (obvious) and I started thinking about the many home-works my teacher had given me at college and the tests which are lined up next and was almost cursing the word “Monday” when I suddenly read this old post of an amazing blogger at WordPress which completely changed my mind and filled me up with a positiveness for the coming day. That I shouldn’t hate it for being the reason to the end of the “week-end”. What if the Monday was going to be my birthday? Then I wouldn’t hate it for sure nor would anybody else.

People say Sunday is a Fun day, why not then should I be making the Monday a fun day too? I have seen many people doing it, welcoming it as if it was a holy cow that was coming by itself to their doorstep on an auspicious day when they offer it Jaggery with Chapatti and feel like they have took one more step towards heaven. Why shouldn’t I then not be welcoming this day which is so innocent and has come all by itself to me, lined up on my calendar and is willing to give me whatever I ask of it. Why shouldn’t than I be asking it to be a perfect-happy day? Or may be a knowledgeable day, for a change?

So let’s give up this feeling that, “oh it’s a Monday, I don’t want to go to school again” or may be” oh tomorrow is a Monday and the office again. Oh no! ”

Monday is not a day to just be back on the routine, it is a day to be back on your “LIFE”. Don’t wait for a week-end. Wake up on a Monday with a purpose! GET-SET-AND LIVE!

hope you agree! Wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


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