And I wondered which “Doll” was I, BTW which one are you?

It was a few days before that i uploaded a picture on a social website. I guess it was a pretty one because I had one my friends write a comment saying I was looking like a doll in that picture. The first thought that came to my mind was to thank my friend for the compliment and I did. But as I was doing that I wondered which doll he meant by that comment of his.

The one which someone has always possessed and is treasured, bought new clothes for and adored, which isn’t very pretty but is loved, which is dressed and decorated, is never let to break and even if it does, it is stitched back again, with love.

Or did he mean the one which is always under staring eyes from behind the glass windows. Which is always in spotlight. Dreamt of being had by many, but is too much for anyone to afford. Which always looked happy, but was not.

Then suddenly I wondered if he meant the doll, which someone got as a gift, may be on a birthday, for free.  Someone who played with it, beated it, loved it, kissed it then tore it apart but never cared of mending it again. The doll which was played with and then thrown away as it got old.

Sometimes I wonder if all of us are dolls of any one of these kinds for someone. I wonder, if the dolls I played with when I was a kid, had a heart too.

p.s – don’t treat people as dolls. Because they Aren’t.


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