your smile


Is like a vast ocean,

Waves of happiness

Flooding your lips

Your smile is the brightest

Though you’ve made mine, dull

I still treasure it, I have kept it safe

Though while keeping it, I have lost my own.

Your SMILE is like the rainbow

Spreading love as it Shines

I still love that rainbow

Though its colors are taken from mine.

Your smile is broad,

It’s expensive,

At times I have to plead for it

For one small glance of it.

Oh your SMILE !

It takes away my pain,

Like an instant air of peace

filling up my lungs.

your smile is like a drug,

killing me slowly with time

I am addicted to it

And It’s fine.

God your SMILE is so beautiful !

It takes my breath away

I wish I could die while seeing you smile

I know that way I would die happy.


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