college starts after vacation!

my friend’s crazy sleeping pattern!

After the long vacation of around 35 days, yesterday my college finally re-opened. I had to adopt the same old routine and I woke up at 5:30 in the morning (though my alarm wanted me to wake up at 5:00 but who cares when the snooze option is available? 😉 ) to catch my college bus in time. On reaching college there was this fixed smile on my face. Not so old friends but the best ones. Moving around the corridor as if we owned it again. Once again. Who even cared about how difficult it would be with those new engineering topics we have to study and those tests which we will have to be preparing for. That first day was just for us. meet and greet, that was it.

Today was the second day. I am home but I can still burst our laughing anytime thinking of the things that happened today. Our teacher was teaching maths. We were studying since four continuous hours and there was this friend of mine sitting near me who started ..hahaha…started sleeping in the sitting position itself. The most funny thing about it was that, there was this sleeping pattern that she had. She was sitting with a slightly lumped back. as she would start loosing attention for a while, her head would start to move from the left, the head would make a-half-semi circle and move towards the right side, where it would finally stop. So she would be in a position where her head would be tilted completely towards her right side. After a while, the students would make noise and she would wake up but the same rotation pattern would be assumed after two mins. Damn! it was so much fun to watch her! My friend and I were going crazy watching all that when she finally woke up. 😛  But there is another thing i would like to add. Before this moment, there was someone else who was sleeping in the third hour itself, ME

We were writing the truth tables for some logical operations and I started loosing all control over my self, rather over my sleep. I fell asleep and I even had a dream which I don’t seem to remember at the moment, but I am sure it would have been scary, because my truth table was like True False True HELP R R true false and some words which I couldn’t even read after I gained my conscience again.

We are all studying after a long vacation, I’am sure we’ll get used to it in some time. We always do! 😀

hope you could relate! wait for my next post! i’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


4 thoughts on “college starts after vacation!

  1. Elamparithi says:

    Haha I did this in most of my classes after my third, I would even write Tamil out of my dream in a Communication class. My friend next me was my ALARM .Guess what, I was even caught while dozing off and the teacher asked “Am I singing here?? ” 😀 😀

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