( Just in case someone needs it, the bold+italic font is for the girl, only italic-for the man, only bold- for the doctor, last quotes are by her parents, the rest is in the mind of the man.)

She drank liquor

It little helped

She did fry sticks

Still no help.

She cut her nerve

It didn’t pain

Their neighbors said them that their daughter had gone insane!

Her dad thought she would die and he was beginning to give up

Her mum took my number from her cell phone and called me up.

I flew across the oceans, and arrived the very next day

you used to be so beautiful..youre still the same way..

Seriously? You want to flirt with me in that condition of yours?

Sweetheart you cant even walk! let my eyes speak to you, what my words cannot.

Are your eyes asking me if  I am being with another girl?

Yeah yeah, I know I left you alone and went to that far place of the world

But I had my reasons, I told you I wanted to achieve certain things in my life.

Dont stare me like that sweetheart! Without me not even a year you could survive?

 Okay! Not that face! I know you love me.. I am sorry for what I did.

I should have taken you with me, I am really sorry about it..

They tell me that youre dying! Sweetheart is that true?

Even if you tried leaving me alone, do you think I would let you?

I cant even breathe seeing you lying that low!

I took her hands in mine, they were cold as white snow.

Next day the Doc came and asked me,

Are you a Doc from abroad?

No! What is it? Why do you look so shocked?

“She is healing my if on her a magical spell you did cast!”

“I don’t believe it that her WBC’s are building up so fast!”

I knew about that magic, I thought to myself.

We both knew about it, we both felt it, until the previous year when I had suddenly left.

I went to her room, held her face with my hands, and kissed her forehead.

She too came forward to kiss me, but till then I had come down on my knees

We got married on the same day, December 13th. 🙂

I hadn’t still told her that, “Money can buy anything” had said her parents before a year when they had forced me to leave

 Well today, our mutual princess is completely fine. But I wonder how well they must have realized, that even all their silver and gold put together, could never buy their daughter from me.


don’t we all know? that among the two most powerful feelings- enmity and love, the later always wins!

 hope you agree to it! wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


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