Lets leave our ego behind and grab hold of our important relations!

my friend Fin

I have a friend, we will call my friend – Fin.

Fin and I are friends since around four years. Good friends since three and somewhat Best Friends since two and a half I guess. I am two years younger than Fin, who is 22. We don’t see each other often because we are on different paths in our lives but we still keep in contact. Fin is a really good person 🙂 but is often irritated by the stupid, silly stuff I do. The night before yesterday, like many other past nights, we fell into a fight and things turned very weird. I said few things which I should not have and I apologized the following morning. But it didn’t really do any good. Neither of us wanted to talk to each other and may be for a second both us thought that “okay..so this is it. We are done as friends.” This just mentioned thought, about being done with the friendship has occurred several times to both of us, but we still held onto each other somehow.

Because, Fin showed no interest in making things alright, I also decided that let us just forget about it. I too wouldn’t talk. But when any one, call it a friend,or a relative, is angry with me, or if things are not normal between me and someone, I can’t just let it be! I have to make it alright somehow, at least to find some sleep at night.

Because, I choose to ignore this issue (which I could not do in actuality ), I couldn’t sleep last night and started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone out of nowhere! I slept in the morning.

The next day, which is today, I asked Fin if things were alright between us, like normal. Fin is this “all time cool type“. I knew Fin would say this . “hmm“. And I still had to confirm it, so I said, “say yes, don’t hmm” and Fin did. That’s it! Happy ending!

I could have saved my sleep last night if I had decided to give up on that ego, or that thought, that “why I should talk first?” . The answer is simple. You should talk first because it concerns You. Life is too short to complicate it too much. So I have decided to keep it simple now. With Fin and everyone else.

hope you keep it simple too! Wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂



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