There was a time when he was small,

I taught him how to walk and run,

I didn’t care if I was under Moon or Sun.

I kept working for my child so that he grows healthy and nice,

I spent all my wealth for him to grow wise.

And then years passed and he attained his height,

He got his power, and got his might.

One day I asked, “How are you my child?”

He didn’t reply.

I repeated it again

But it was all in vain.

Then I asked, “How are you Mr. Roy?”

“Oh! I am fine”

He said, but in his words no emotions I did find.

The moon came and went,

Years passed and I had grown unwell by that time.

And when I looked for my son,

I saw him with a gun!

All my teachings he forgot

It forced me to think that after spending all these years for his well-being, was it this that I got?

Then I remembered,

That in this world you have to fully devote yourself to your family and in the end still may have to  be alone

At this old age, I just wanted my son to be back home!

Sitting alone in my wheel chair these thoughts filled up my mind

That to whom I had taught to speak,

Has left me when I have grown old and meek.

Oh help me God! Oh help me Lord!


Is this what many( or few) children are doing to their parents after they grow up? If you ask me, then yes. People grow up and separate from their parents to establish a new life and to start a new family. But, is a new family any good if it is built on the sacrifice of an old one? I doubt that.

In many countries, parents themselves send their child away to be independent and they decide to live on their own till they die. At least that’s what i have seen in movies. But here, in India, the only thing that the parents would want after they have grown old is to live with their children. To do something what till now they could not, Talk! They have been busy all their life in earning and supporting their family, but now is the time when they have grown old and want to share those little stories of their lives. Not always can we lend our ears to them, ( i agree to that) but every once in a while, lets try to do that.

Old age homes are supposed to exist only for those men and women who have no one left with them. But now days, it has become a fashion to part from your parents and to care less, about them.

We are young. Let us change it. 🙂

hope you liked it! wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


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