Where do dead people go?

After death, where do dead people go?

For them is there a path God shows?

After death no ‘body’ is there,

And the soul you cannot see anywhere!

Is there a Heaven or Hell?

Have you seen?

I wish I could ask from my ancesters

That “where have you been!”

There are a hundred questions in my heart

Each answer for them in itself is apart.

Some say that life ends after death

Some say it’s just the beginning!

In the ancient times there a popular superstition,

That the rich people after their death were buried with treasure,

What they said was completely unbelievable,

They said that after death, a new life we enter!

Then the chance came of the new generation,

Who had totally a different explanation!

With the replies I got, they seemed out of their mind,

To understand them a philosopher we need to find!

I went to every broad end and to every narrow point of knife,

At every instant I questioned myself that in the depth of earth, is there a new life?

I am really confused which answer to give,

In any of these opinions should I even believe?

At last the only thing I can say is that I am still not satisfied,

The statement which came at last in my mind was very slow,

Each point of it questioned me,

That “Where do dead people go?


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