Think and spend

Buy what you need

My parents and I went to a big market to buy few accessories for our new house. Though we are still not sure if we would shift there next year but till now my dad is positive about it. There was a list that my mum had prepared which included the things she had to purchase. My college was about to open in a few days, when my parents would go back to their town and I would be living all by myself for another six months before I would get to see them again so in the list I included few important things that I would need during this time fro myself. It included stationary,clothes and few other every-day-things.

We took a bus to Sowkarpet where my mom would be buying utensils for our new home. The reason we choose that place is because it has a big-wholesale-market and the products are worth their price. We went into this big shop. Woahh! It had everything one would need to set up a perfect kitchen. We bought few cups, bowls, and glasses. My dad was on a phone call with an important client so my mother and I choose most of the designs and sizes. My sister was tired already and had fixed herself on a chair the entire time. In India, not all shops are air conditioned but this one was and the temperature was quite low inside and very high outside and I too felt my head getting heavy and was dreaming of a bed there, where I could straight-away go for a nice sleep. I occupied a chair too.

Now my mum and dad started selecting the items and after a while I stood up from the chair and drank some water. I felt fresh. And then I saw… “oh this is so beautiful! We must have it in our new home! Oh and that! That is a must. We can serve the guests in those coffee cups and those glasses..can you see them? Aren’t they so adorable?” I saw that my mom was loosing all control, like most women do while shopping, and was about to buy every single thing from that shop. My dad didn’t say anything because he knew that it wouldn’t matter much. 😀

But I had to. Because earlier that day I was going through facebook and someone had shared a picture with a quote by Warren Buffett saying, “  IF YOU BUY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED, YOU WILL SOON SELL THINGS YOU NEED.” I had taken a screen shot of that picture. I quickly opened it and showed it to my mom. She didn’t seem to care much about what I was speaking but then I supported myself with a few more valid points when she finally regained her mind. Of course she has a sharp mind. 😀 She is the one who takes cares of the house. But sometimes you cannot stop yourself from shopping. It’s tempting. Like when you go to a mall with your credit card and feel like buying all those shoes and those dresses and probably everything till the limit your card could offer. But we, by “we” I mean the common people in this world, who work hard and earn enough for supporting their family and affording few luxuries, we cannot spend money like water.

This article may not mean much to those stinking rich ones 😀 (sorry if that sounded rude) but still, we all should think before we spend. Not necessarily to save money but because we shouldn’t waste money. May be we could use it for a better and a noble cause. (that’s in my sunsign 🙂 I can’t help it! My blogs may always touch the topics related to service to the mankind. Aquarius are benevolent and are known for having a desire for social service and contributing to the society.)

We are anyways going to spend it, we can’t hold on to it forever, So from next time remember to spend your money wisely. And remember, time is a form of money too.

hope you like it! wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


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