A BLIND Man’s life

A Blind Man’s Life

  • I am a blind man

Since my birth I cannot see

How to read,

How to sit and stand,

This all I can’t understand

  • I have never filled an autograph book

Never had I had a chat on net

I fear to speak to people

I am helpless, do you get?

  • Simple works I cannot do

So a servant I have kept

Else I am al alone in my home

My hair myself I cannot comb.

  • The world is so quiet and its people are so mute to me,

Just because I am bind and I cannot see

  • COLOURS are so special to people

But they mean nothing to me

The only color that I know is BLACK

Nothing else my eyes can see.

  • Most of the time I am seen crying,

I rarely do laugh

Experiments and sports I have never enjoyed,

Now my excitement for life is reduced to half!

  • I don’t have friends,

No enemies

I never go out for a walk,

I don’t have any sister

No brother

So with whom should I talk?

  • Love life I don’t have,

Career cannot see

Just because my open eyes are actually closed,

Friendship is also very far from me.

  • This World- they say a beautiful place

Is so small to me

I am in my mid 20’s

The most enjoyable time of my life,

There is no one to hear my sorrow,

Nothing is fixed about my tomorrow.

  • I never go out to the market to buy a shirt for me,

I hope I don’t have to beg on streets for just a sum of money.

I am a blind man and no one cares about me,

If I pass away tomorrow

Is there anyone with a soft heart

Who would come,

To see,

To bury me?


Once i was talking to a few old, people and suddenly the topic of health came up. And then one topic got linked to another and we were talking about donating few things after death. I told them about an incident that inspired me to donate my eyes after my death. Few told me its a noble thing to do. But there were few who had a different opinion. They said if i would donate my eyes in this life, then in the next life i would be born without them! I know its funny. But there are always few people who are away from the truth and enlightenment. May be we cannot change the way they think, we are not psychologists. But let us change the way we think. What are our eyes going to mean to us after we die? They’ll probably be buried with us in the deep layers of earth and get decayed with time, or will be be burnt with the rest of our body. Their power would be lost forever.

I say, why not we take care of our eyes all our life ( which is of course good for us) and then donate them after we die? What would our eyes mean to us after we die? Nothing. But they could mean a whole new world to someone who has never had one of his own since birth. Or may be it would mean a rebirth to someone who has lost it in an accident. We don’t understand its value because we got it for free. But should. We all should.

hope you agree… wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


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