this is a short story- Of “A Prayer That Was Heard!”

A Prayer that was heard

We were sitting next to each other in the bus. Me and my sister. And suddenly we heard the sound of an ambulance nearby. The vehicles stopped and gave it a pass. As soon as I heard its siren, I stopped for a few seconds and closed my eyes. Seeing this, my sister was puzzled. I could see it in her eyes, the urge to question me about my sudden action. I thought to myself, about the time, when I had the same confusion in my mind.

It was a year before, when I was coming back from college, in the college bus, with a good friend. We were busy in our talks about school and studies when suddenly an ambulance passed by. I saw her closing her eyes and praying. She opened her eyes back after a few seconds. I asked her what she was doing. She told me another story. In her story, she was going with her friend, just like I was going with mine, in a bus. That was a few years back. She told me, that just like me, she had asked the same question to her friend, when she saw her praying on seeing an ambulance pass by. Her friend told her, that she would always pray on seeing an ambulance because we never know, that the person who is fighting for life inside it, or his family members, would be in which condition. What would be their state of mind. How disturbed they might be in there. Trying to reach a hospital in the least of time. She told her, that she thought that her prayer, might help them. Might help the person get cured, or for the least, give strength to their family members, to face the whole situation boldly.

My friend also told me, that when one day, her friend was heading towards her home, and she saw an ambulance pass by. She stood there and prayed and then continued walking. On reaching home, she found out, that her mother had suddenly fallen ill and was sent to a hospital. And the person in the ambulance whom she stood there and prayed for, near her home, was none other than her own mother! Of course she hadn’t known that before. After a few hours, she got to know that her mother was fine and that she would be discharged soon.

She had prayed innocently, for many people, and when she was in need, God helped her. God, or you may say any supreme power that rules the universe, helped her in those moments of her need. My friend told me, that hearing her story, she had began to pray too, not for a greed to be helped, but for a desire to help.

And that is when I learnt it from her. Sitting just the same, in a bus, I passed on this message to my sister. I am sure, one day, everyone will learn, to pray, for others.

Because a prayer is a positive vibe, that we send from our mind and soul to the universe. One day, it reflects and comes back to us, when we need it the most!

Hope you liked it! Hope you learn from it! Wait for my next post! I’ll wait for you response!

bye! πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “this is a short story- Of “A Prayer That Was Heard!”

  1. rohanninawe says:

    I would like to add my thoughts on this…
    I have seen people who get tensed and feel uncomfortable on seeing a dead persons’ body on its way to the grave yard for burial or get cremated and say “what the hell I’ve seen today!! My day will be bad from hear on”. Its a person who has died recently and his family has lost a loved on..can a day be bad that this?

    Its better to pray for the dead persons’ soul to rest in peace and for the family who has lost their loved one 😊😊


  2. gracefilledlight says:

    I absolutely loved this post!!! ❀ It also reminded me of the five finger prayer that Pope Francis just introduced. (I don't know if you're Catholic but I know a lot of people of several different religions/beliefs who love the idea of the five finger prayer so I thought I suggest it!)

    Liked by 1 person

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