the beach day!

Yesterday it was really boring since morning and so we all decided to go to the beach. Few of our relatives said they would come along and we finalized the plan. It was more like a picnic. We booked two cabs, four people in each and decided our destination as the  Besant Nagar beach.

On the way, we changed our plan. Dad decided to go this very famous temple which would come on our way, to the beach. We all happily agreed.  My mom and dad are very religious people and I have been brought up the same way. We enjoy going to temples and worship places. It’s quiet there. So quiet that you could hear the inner voice of your soul speaking to you,telling you what things going on in your life are right and what things need to be changed. Blessing you with peacefulness.

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Finally we reached the temple. It is called The Ashtalaxmi Temple. It’s huge and beautiful. It was already 5:10 p.m  by that time. It has many idols and going around the temple would take at least 45 minutes. But that was not possible because soon it would turn dark and we had the beach on our list too, so, we used the JUGAAD technique. 😉

Let me inform you all, that this is a very famous technique mainly used by the people belonging to the Indian State- Uttar Pradesh (me and my family belong to a city called Varanasi, falling in this state). According to this, we do a particular work using as many shortcuts as possible, completing an almost unbelievable-appearing task at the last minute. And of course completing it beautifully!

Quickly we broke few rules and joined in the middle of a very long line. Few people opposed but we didn’t listen them. Okay…I know that sounds being rude to the other people, but sometimes it’s just necessary! Result-  We came out of the temple in 15 minutes. We sat in the cab again. Finally we reached our destination- the beach!

It was very crowded, more than I had expected. I could see people of all age groups enjoying themselves. I quickly folded my jeans and went in. With the very first touch of the water, I forgot about everything else. About my semester exam results that were about to be released, about that little fight that I had gotten into with my friend, about the many miseries and unhappiness. I forgot about all the bad things in life. I was happy!

We all enjoyed a lot and clicked few pictures at the end. Then we left. Later that evening, we all went to the very famous hotel called, Rangoli located at the basement of Sarvana Bhavan, at Pondi Bazaar and had a wonderful dinner. We came back home by 22:00. The house was peaceful as always, but today no one was staring uselessly at their phone screens, or watching a movie to pass the night. We were at peace at our minds to. So tired, we all fell asleep within minutes.


According to me, we all should plan for vacations. Whether for a few hours, or for a few days, but it is necessary. To keep us active and concentrated in our work, we need to be at peace in our minds. We need to re-energize our body and our souls. For at the end, it’s the happiness within us that counts. Yes, work, job,money,college,school and family are important, and so are WE to ourselves.

hope you liked it! wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response!

bye! 🙂


4 thoughts on “the beach day!

  1. gracefilledlight says:

    Cute story! Yes, we should all plan vacations but I absolutely loved the spontanous adventure your family had! It sounds exactly like something my family would have done! Even down to the temple! Well, church for me. There’s something so peaceful about spiritually calming your soul/mind and then going to the beach to rest physically.

    Liked by 1 person

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