And that day we had four rulers on our bench!

This is a short, silly and simple story of a recent incident:

Dated – 21/4/15

Today, as I entered my exam hall to appear  for TLN (Transmission Lines And Networks) exam, I found out that all the seats were occupied except one just in front of the black board (no wonder I was the last one to arrive as I was revising till the last moment). I hurried to my seat, and impatiently started taking out my pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener and compass and while I was doing all this, I almost didn’t notice that fair-tall-lean guy moving his hands towards his shirt pocket, as if suspiciously taking out something. I continued with my stationary and finally took out a ruler from my box, smiled and told him, “See! I brought a scale today!”  And just as I said it, (I wish I had waited for a few more seconds before spitting those words out of excitement) I noticed that he also took out a ruler from his pocket and said,”It is for you!” But he got embarrassed and he put it back in.

Actually, everyday he would be my seat partner for the model exams and would always bring two rulers, one big and another small. I knew from the very beginning that he needed them both(for drawing different length diagrams,etc) but in spite of it, daily, I would borrow his small scale as I would forget mine at home. This happened three times. He never refused me, though I knew he didn’t like compromising his comforts during exams by lending me his stationary. May be the way that I exercised illegal rights on his ruler had something to it 😀 , as he couldn’t say no to me, but couldn’t even compromise with himself, and hence brought an extra one for me and on the fourth day, there were four rulers on our bench!

Sweet! Isn’t it?

Hope you had fun reading it! Wait for my next post! I’ll wait for your response! 🙂



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